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Logistics is vital for the economic performance of any economy. There is huge demand from small scale businesses to move their products to the final consumer very quick and this is the gap we are coming to fill as a company.

MYGM Management SDN BHD is registered company which was established in the year 2014, and serve businesses in multiple routes within the country and we will continue to expand the routes we serve in our various countries of establishment.

To this end, MYGM Management SDN BHD is keen on taking advantage of these opportunities.

Based on qualitative research and an in-depth feasibility studies carried out by a hired team of researchers in the Last mile delivery sector of the logistics industry and we believe the following projections can be achieved when we launch the last mile delivery arm of our business.

MyGm Management SDN BHD main goal is to provide a Very fast delivery and exceptional customer service to our consumers in a way that is more sustainable, and more cost effective than our competitors. Our focus and target audience will predominantly be small scale businesses (B2B).

With our estimated startup capital of around RM1,000,000 MyGm Management SDN BHD is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity for its owners and staff. The projections contained herein are authentic and will be used as the budget for the business. MyGm Management SDN BHD last mile delivery arm will show a profit within 12 months of launching, and will increase sales and profits each year thereafter.

The goods delivery (logistics) business is not a capital intensive business and can be started on a not so much intensive budget. However, to ensure that the business grows and sustains itself, we intend to offer other services in addition to our core service – goods delivery. These other services will boost the bottom line of the business and cause us to achieve our intended sales projections on time and also solve some major problems in the Logistics industry.

We believe that we as a Company can help solve the Problem in the logistics industry by.

  • Offering a Wide range of logistics service (Last mile delivery, Air Cargo, Sea Freight, Road Transotaion, Warehousing and Repacking) etc
  • Offering Logistics Consultation Services.
  • By having a Well Organized delivery Process for our Logistics business

  Background of Logistics And Supply Chain in Malaysia 
Managing the logistics industry has been a neglected area of business activity in Malaysia. In the past, companies are not aware of the advantage of having an effective distribution system and thus have not given sufficient priority to the development of effective distribution strategies. However, the transformation of economy from agriculture-based to a trade-driven based as well as the development of international trade within the last decade has stimulated awareness that transport and logistics sector plays a critical role in facilitating the country’s economy (MIMA, 2004).

A recent report highlighted that Malaysia has the opportunity to create an additional value of about RM9-11 billion over the next decade, which contributes approximately 12.1% to the GDP, if the supply-chain competitiveness is improved through more efficient transport and logistics services. The report also emphasised that by reducing the supply chain cost will ultimately stimulate further national growth as the World Bank has estimated that a 10% reduction in transportation costs can increase trade by 20% (Anonymous, 2003).
Similarly, McKinsey Global Institute who studied productivity improvements in various industry sectors around the world, indicate that such efficiency improvements are likely to translate into a GDP growth effect of at least the same order. Consequently, this creates a virtuous and perpetuates effect on the economy.

Various incentives have also been introduced by the government. One of the incentives is Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) incentives. The purpose is to encourage logistics service providers to consolidate or integrate their activities to include other services as well as encouraging them to venture into business abroad (MITI, 2007, 2008). As at December 2007, a total of 20 companies have been granted the Integrated Logistics Services (ILS) incentives, which amounted to RM 4.1 billion (MITI, 2008). As a result of an active development of the industry, in 2005, the industry, which comprises of transport, storage and communication services contributed 8.8% to the country’s GDP.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to meet customers’ increasing demands for logistics services for their goods by providing them with very quick delivery services. We will offer all of our customers the direct personal attention they deserve. Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction assures us that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and services.

We want to become a global Brand and have office in other countries of the World and we made steps already in achieving this Vision by having a branch already in Malaysia

Value Proposition

We will focus on providing the market with very quick logistics services. In addition to this, we will focus on delivering exceptional customer service to our customer’s customer thereby offering much more value than our competitor.

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